Request Exception to Compliance with Security Standards - Security Awareness - Virus or Security Breach - Security Alerts - Security Vulnerabilities

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Request Exception to Compliance with Security Standards

This helpdesk category is designed to facilitate the careful review and handling of requests for software exceptions to compliance with our security standards.

Security Alerts

Security alerts are critical notifications that may indicate potential vulnerabilities, threats, or active incidents affecting our college's systems, networks, or data. Prompt awareness, assessment, and response to these alerts are vital to maintaining the security and integrity of our digital environment.

Security Awareness

This helpdesk category is your resource for all support related to Security Awareness Training, whether you're a participant seeking guidance or a department looking to schedule a training session.

Security Vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities can pose significant risks to our college's information, systems, and networks. This helpdesk category is dedicated to the reporting, assessment, and remediation of security vulnerabilities that may impact our digital environment.

Virus or Security Breach

This helpdesk category is specifically designated for the urgent reporting and handling of any incidents related to viruses or security breaches within our college's systems or networks.

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