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Provision of required hardware and software, account setup, email configuration, access permissions to the college's resources, and introductory IT orientation for ADJUNCT FACULTY ONLY.

AIS is the financial management system for VCCS and is the primary tool for recording financial transactions such as general ledger journal entries, deposits, accounts payable, procurement transactions, asset transactions, etc. It is the source system for financial data for the VCCS.

Audio-visual technology enhances the teaching and learning experience by bringing content to life through sound and imagery. Our college is equipped with various AV tools, from projectors and sound systems to video conferencing equipment, all designed to foster engagement and comprehension.

Mountain Empire Community College requires all employees to conduct a pre-employment background check. Please fill out the information including First and last Name, and email address. The Human Resource department will send the authorization form to the prospective employee to approve. Once the results come back, Human Resources will review the results and forward them back to you.

The preservation, accessibility, and integrity of data are fundamental to our college's operations. This helpdesk category is committed to providing support for backup and restore requests, ensuring that valuable information is safely secured and can be efficiently recovered when needed.

Unforeseen events can have significant impacts on our college's operations, whether due to natural disasters, technology failures, human errors, or other emergencies. Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) support is designed to assist with planning, implementing, and maintaining strategies to ensure the resilience and continuity of our essential functions.

The VCCS (Virginia Community College System) intranet, colloquially known as "buzz2," is a key internal platform for collaboration and information sharing within the community college system.

Network cabling serves as the backbone of our college's communications and connectivity. This helpdesk category is dedicated to providing support for all your network cabling needs, whether for new installations, repairs, upgrades, or assessments.

The Canvas Learning Management System is central to our college's online learning environment, facilitating course management, collaboration, assessment, and communication for students and faculty alike.

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance the educational experience, our institution supports the integration of third-party tools within the Canvas Learning Management System. These tools can provide specialized functionalities, ranging from plagiarism checkers to interactive learning modules, enriching both teaching and learning.

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Coding Camp

College Intranet (FoxConnect)

This helpdesk category is your point of contact for all computer hardware issues.

Conference Call Assistance (Zoom, Teams, etc.)