Canvas Third Party Tool Integration Request

Canvas Third-Party Tool Integration Requests

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance the educational experience, our institution supports the integration of third-party tools within the Canvas Learning Management System. These tools can provide specialized functionalities, ranging from plagiarism checkers to interactive learning modules, enriching both teaching and learning.

This help desk category is dedicated to handling requests related to the integration of third-party tools within Canvas. Whether you are a faculty member looking to incorporate a specific tool into your course or a department seeking to explore new educational technologies, our team is here to assist.

We carefully review all integration requests to ensure compatibility, security, and compliance with our college's standards and policies. If you have a request for a third-party tool integration or need assistance with an existing integration, please submit your inquiry here.

Our specialized team is committed to working with you to understand your needs and facilitate integrations that enhance the learning experience within our Canvas environment.

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