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AIS is the financial management system.



AIS is the financial management system for VCCS and is the primary tool for recording financial transactions such as general ledger journal entries, deposits, accounts payable, procurement transactions, asset transactions, etc. It is the source system for financial data for the VCCS.

Key Features and Benefits


AIS is primarily administered by staff at the system office though some functions and customizations are delegated to colleges.


AIS integrates with a variety of other systems including SIS (student information system), Cardinal (state accounting system), eVA (state procurement system), etc.

Getting Started

AIS is available to select VCCS staff through MyVCCS.

Getting Help 

Help is available by contacting VCCS System Office staff through the Team Dynamix ticketing system.

Related Services and Links

AIS integrates requisitions, purchase orders, and vendors with eVA. The eVA UAT integrates with the AIS TEST environment.


Metrics and Statistics

AIS is utilized by the twenty-three colleges, the System Office and the Shared Services Center for activities related to accounting and the general ledger.


Exception during a maintenance window over the weekend .

VCCS Documentation 


Updates and maintenance outages are communicated through Buzz2. You may subscribe to them by requesting access to the VCCS ITS Notification Group..

Other Instances

  • AIS Test is a clone of our production environment that is used to test changes before implementing them in production. There is a refresh calendar executed by Integration Tools team besides request on refresh to AISDEVL and AISTEST.

  • AISDEVL is exclusively for development; however, development team members may invite particular users to conduct unit testing for requested features prior to moving changes to AISTEST for more extensive (system) testing by a larger audience of users.

  • AIS Query is a copy of the production environment that is used to run data queries and reports. It was created to allow users to access data without reducing processing load on the production environment.


Business Owner

Ron Vicars

Assistant Controller,

Fiscal Services


Technical Owner

Ritchie Deel



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