Buzz2 (VCCS Intranet/SharePoint)

VCCS Intranet (buzz2) Assistance

The VCCS intranet, affectionately known as "buzz2," is a vital hub for collaboration, communication, and resource sharing within our community college network. Serving faculty, staff, and administrators, buzz2 connects us all and provides access to essential documents, forums, and tools.

This helpdesk category is dedicated to providing support for all things related to buzz2. Whether you're having difficulty logging in, need help navigating the platform, or want assistance in utilizing specific features, our specialized team is here to help.

Our support for the VCCS intranet includes:

  • Guidance on account creation, login, and profile management
  • Assistance with finding and accessing specific resources or tools within buzz2
  • Troubleshooting technical issues or connectivity problems
  • Training and orientation for new users or those needing a refresher on buzz2's functionalities
  • Collaboration with departments to support unique needs related to the intranet system

We recognize the essential role that buzz2 plays in our daily operations, fostering community and efficiency across the VCCS. For any inquiries, requests, or support related to the VCCS intranet (buzz2), please submit your request here. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that this integral platform serves as a seamless conduit for collaboration and information flow within our community college system.

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