Business and Continuity | Disaster Recovery

Our BC/DR support services include:

  • Assistance with developing, updating, or reviewing Business Continuity Plans (BCP) tailored to specific departments, functions, or risks.
  • Support with implementing and testing Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) to ensure effective response and recovery of critical systems and data.
  • Coordination with internal departments and external partners to align BC/DR strategies with our college's goals, regulations, and community needs.
  • Guidance on risk assessment, impact analysis, and mitigation measures to strengthen our college's resilience against various disruptive scenarios.
  • Education and training initiatives to ensure awareness, readiness, and adherence to BC/DR practices across our college community.
  • Ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and improvement of BC/DR efforts to adapt to changing environments, technologies, or threats.
  • Collaboration with vendors, governmental agencies, or other stakeholders to enhance our BC/DR capabilities and partnerships.

Whether you need assistance with specific BC/DR planning, have concerns about existing measures, or require support during an actual incident, please submit your request here. Our dedicated team of experts will work diligently to support you, prioritizing the safety, continuity, and recovery of our college's vital assets and operations.

Please note: BC/DR inquiries may be complex and time-sensitive. Providing detailed information about the nature of your request, affected areas, relevant deadlines, and any known issues or preferences will help us address your needs more effectively.

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