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Student employees play a key role in the day-to-day operations at the college.  For this reason, student employees are expected to responsibly handle the jobs they are placed in, while projecting a favorable image and promoting good public relations for the college.  Please be sure to thoroughly read this handbook and retain it as guide to the Work Study Program.  

Since student employment is considered part of a student’s financial aid package, it is administered by the Financial Aid Office, and it is subject to federal regulations.  All students interested in employment must contact the Financial Aid Office. 

Student Employment

Student employment at Mountain Empire Community College is an important source of financial assistance for students.  Through the Work Study Program, the Financial Aid Office assists as many students as possible in partially funding their educational costs via employment.  The Work Study Program assists students in locating part-time jobs, either on or off campus.

In addition to the monetary compensation, we strive to assist our students in developing desirable work experiences, attitudes, and habits through the Work Study jobs offered.  The work experience is intended to serve as a compliment to the educational process, thus enhancing future employment.  So, when possible, students are placed in jobs directly related to their educational program and career objectives.

There are two types of Work Study programs at Mountain Empire Community College:  Federal Work Study (FWS) and Institutional Work Study (IWS).  FWS positions are only available to students who show financial need as defined by the Department of Education.  IWS positions are available for students who may not qualify for the FWS positions.  Also, it is important to note, since IWS jobs are institutionally funded, students who are eligible for FWS positions may also be awarded IWS positions, depending upon departmental requests.  

Federal Work Study funding sets an allocation for Community Service Learning at 7% of the total federal allocation.  Contractual agreements are made between Mountain Empire Community College and various non-profit, local public, private non-profit, and public for-profit organizations.  Work Study salaries in these positions are paid from the Federal Work Study funds, and duties must be directed toward skilled responsibilities in the communities served by the college.  Primary placements for the Community Service-Learning sector will be within area school systems.

For a full copy of the MECC Work Study Handbook, download the attachment on this page or click here.

To Apply

To apply to be a work study at Mountain Empire Community College, click green button on the right or click here.

Work Study Interest Form


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