Employee Onboarding

Onboarding Support

The dynamics of a college's workforce can change frequently with new hires, departures, and internal shifts. Our IT support ensures a seamless transition during these pivotal moments, safeguarding both the college's resources and individual user needs. Please fill out the ONBOARDING form and include detailed information about the position needs.

Our onboarding support services include:

  • Onboarding: Provision of required hardware and software, account setup, email configuration, access permissions to the college's resources, and introductory IT orientation for new staff or faculty.

Whether you're a department head facilitating a new hire, a faculty member transitioning to a new role, or staff preparing for departure, please submit your request through the Onboarding form. Our dedicated IT team ensures a smooth, efficient, and secure transition, aligning with the college's operational protocols and compliance standards.

Please note: Given the security and compliance implications of these tasks, providing comprehensive details, such as the nature of the change (onboarding, offboarding, or position change), relevant dates, and any specific equipment or software requirements, is crucial for prompt and accurate service.

Onboarding Form


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