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Shared Service Distance Learning (SSDL) Requests

Our college's Shared Service Distance Learning (SSDL) program represents a collaborative initiative that allows us to both offer and borrow distance learning courses with other colleges. By extending our educational reach and leveraging the expertise of fellow institutions, we create a richer, more diverse learning environment for our students.

This helpdesk category is designed to handle all requests related to SSDL courses. Whether you are a faculty member looking to offer one of your courses to other colleges or a department wishing to borrow a specialized course from another institution, our SSDL team is here to assist.

Our support for SSDL requests includes:

  • Coordination and facilitation of course offerings to other colleges
  • Assistance with identifying and borrowing courses that align with our curriculum needs
  • Guidance on technical requirements and integration into our learning management system
  • Collaboration with partner institutions to ensure seamless course delivery and support

The SSDL program reflects our commitment to innovative education and collaboration across academic communities. For any inquiries, requests, or support related to SSDL courses, please submit your request through this helpdesk category. Our dedicated team will work with you to navigate the process, ensuring that our SSDL offerings align with the educational goals and standards of our college community.

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