HECVAT Request

Our HECVAT request support includes:

  • Guidance and assistance in completing the HECVAT, ensuring it aligns with our college's specific requirements and risk profile.
  • Coordination with internal departments, such as IT, security, compliance, or procurement, to gather necessary information and insights.
  • Liaising with vendors to facilitate the HECVAT process, including communicating expectations, timelines, and our college's specific concerns.
  • Review and assessment of vendor HECVAT responses, including identifying potential risks, gaps, or areas for further clarification.
  • Support with integrating HECVAT findings into broader vendor risk management practices, contract negotiations, or ongoing vendor relationship management.
  • Education and awareness initiatives to help stakeholders understand the importance and application of HECVAT in vendor assessments.

Our dedicated team is committed to assisting you in using HECVAT effectively to ensure that vendor engagements align with our college's security, privacy, and compliance standards.

For any inquiries, requests, or support related to HECVAT, please submit your request here. We will work diligently to assist you in navigating the HECVAT process, interpreting the results, and making informed decisions that protect our college community's interests.

Please note: HECVAT requests may involve sensitive or confidential information. Your discretion and adherence to our college's information handling policies are appreciated.

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