Technology Training

Technology Training

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, staying proficient with the latest tools and technologies is vital. Our Technology Training services are designed to empower our college community with the skills and knowledge needed to harness technology effectively in both academic and administrative contexts.

This helpdesk category is your gateway to a wide range of training opportunities, including workshops, one-on-one sessions, online tutorials, and customized group training.

Our support for Technology Training includes:

  • Scheduled workshops on popular software, hardware, and technology trends tailored to varying skill levels
    • Teams
    • OneDrive
    • OneNote
    • Outlook
  • Personalized one-on-one training sessions to address specific technology needs or challenges
  • Customized training sessions designed for departments, faculty groups, or student organizations
  • Ongoing support and follow-up to ensure successful technology adoption and integration
  • Collaboration with academic units to design technology training that aligns with curricular goals and objectives

We recognize that technology is a powerful enabler of success in today's educational environment. Whether you are a faculty member seeking to incorporate new tools into your teaching or a staff member looking to streamline administrative tasks, our Technology Training services are here to assist.

For any inquiries, requests, or to schedule a training session, please submit your here. Our dedicated team of trainers is committed to providing engaging, relevant, and accessible training that equips you with the technological skills to excel in your role within our college community.

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