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Printers and Scanners Assistance

Printers and scanners are indispensable tools within our college, enabling the production and digitization of documents for teaching, learning, administration, and more. Whether you need to print course materials, scan research documents, or troubleshoot a device issue, our Printers and Scanners Assistance team is here to help.

This helpdesk category is your dedicated resource for all matters related to printers and scanners. From basic usage guidance to complex technical support, our trained professionals are ready to assist.

Our support for printers and scanners includes:

  • Guidance on selecting the appropriate printer or scanner for specific tasks
  • Assistance with setup, configuration, and connection to devices
  • Troubleshooting common issues such as paper jams, print quality problems, or scanning errors
  • Coordination with vendors for warranty-related repairs or replacements
  • Support for specialized printing or scanning needs, including large format, color accuracy, or high-volume tasks
  • Training and best practices for sustainable and efficient printing and scanning

We recognize the importance of reliable and accessible printing and scanning solutions for our college community. For any inquiries, requests, or support related to printers and scanners, please submit your request here. Our dedicated team will respond promptly, working to ensure that your printing and scanning needs are met with professionalism and expertise.

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