Setting up Wi-Fi on Android

1: Navigate to “Settings” on your phone. From Here you will want to select Wi-Fi and Network. Note: It usually shows up as a picture of a Gear on most android phones.

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2: Select Wi-Fi & Network

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3: Select MECC Faculty/Staff Wi-Fi

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4: In the screen shot below, some key items are marked.

  1. CA Certificate – Select “Use System Certificates”
  2. Domain – Enter “”. If this field is missing, make sure you have “Use System Certificates” selected. If this is missing, skip this step.
  3. Identity – This is your MECC user account.
    1. If you have an “me” account name (ex:, use this here.
    2. If not, use your regular sign-in. (ex:
  4. Password – Enter your password here. This will be the same as your computer login.

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Question: How do I know if I am connected to the Wi Fi?

Answer: In the Wifi Menu, it will say “Connected” below the Wi-Fi name (MECC-Faculty/Staff WiFi). If it says “Saved”, You are NOT connected. Its quite possible your password was typed in incorrectly.

Question: How can I try to connect to the WiFi again if I mistyped my information?

Answer: Go back to the WiFi menu (See Screenshot in step 3) and hold your finger on top of the WiFi name. A menu should appear with the option to ”Forget Network”. Select Forget Network and it will allow you to redo all the steps above.

Question: What do I do if I still can’t connect to the network?

Answer: Often it’s just an incorrectly typed password. An easy way to verify if you’re using the correct information is to go to and attempt to login to webmail using the same information as you used to connect to the Wi-Fi. If you are still not able to get in, please put in a helpdesk ticket and we will help.


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